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Super Visa Canada

Having children or grandchildren living as citizens in Canada qualifies the parents or grandparents to receive a super visa which is a visitor’s pass that can last up to two (2) years.  There is no need for renewal every year as they are good for the entire period of time.  Enjoy your family anywhere they may reside in Canada by obtaining a super visa, otherwise known as simply a parent visa.  These super visas differ from student visas as the latter needs to be renewed every year of anticipated stay.  Several key factors are taken into account as to whether a parent visa is granted; below we have outlined some things to take into account before applying for a tier 2 sponsor visa.

  •  A super visa application must be from a true parent or grandparent of a person or persons living as Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  •  You must meet normal Canadian admissibility requirements in order for super visa consideration to have chance of approval.
  • Determination of admissibility is fairly judged by a visa officer who will take length of stay, purpose of visit and other factors into account when granting or denying a super visa.
  • Obtaining adequate medical coverage may be a requirement as well as proof of financial means for the entire period of the stay.  Actual rules regarding this can be obtained from FMA Immigration Services upon request.
  • Initial medical examination may be required by the visa officer.
  • Extending or changing your status (i.e. permanent resident) must be done 30 days before your super visa is set to expire.  This is to allow for consideration of your new status and any applications to have time for approval to be granted so new status can be recognized.

Having the opportunity to visit your children who may live in Canada is exciting, and we welcome you in advance to our great country with such sights as the CN Tower in Toronto, Canadian Rockies, Northwest Territories, and so much more.  FMA Immigration Services offers their consultancy for potential super visa applicants and wish you the best in getting approved for super visa status into our country.  Contact us with any further questions in regards to parent visa applications or to get the process started today.

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